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Shans The Political Strategy Board Game | for Adults and Children | Epic Game of Politics, Ethics and Strategy | 2-5 Players | Gujarat

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Shop No.28, Akash Tower,

Near Suba Star Hotel,

Judges Bunglow Road, 

Bodakdev, Ahmedabad

Gujarat , India. 380051


THE ULTIMATE POLITICAL STRATEGY BOARD GAME: Experience the exhilarating world of politics and elections like never before with SHASN, the award-winning tabletop game designed by Zain Memon and produced by Anand Gandhi. SHASN is an epic game of politics, ethics, and strategy, where the fate of the nation lies in your hands.

ACTION-PACKED GAMEPLAY: Step into the shoes of politicians contesting a heated national election. Take stands on policy questions, earn resources, influence voters, capture areas, unleash powers, hatch conspiracies and navigate headlines. Every turn in SHASN is tense and adrenaline-fuelled, where every decision that you make matters.

INFINITELY REPLAYABLE: Designed for 2-5 players, every game of SHASN is a unique, distinct experience. Build a new Ideology and combination of powers every time you play. No two elections in SHASN are the same, making it an endlessly replayable experience.

LOVED BY CRITICS AND AUDIENCES: SHASN has won multiple industry awards and received international acclaim from reviewers. “The best thing to come out of politics in a very long time” (Everything Board Games), “It rules so much and I wish I made something that cool" (Creator of Cards Against Humanity), “Elegant, deep, gorgeous” (Greater Than Games), “Relevant, laugh-out-funny, timely” (Dan Thurot, Space Biff).

BEAUTIFUL AND DURABLE: With stunning artwork and beautiful design, SHASN looks beautiful on the shelf and on your table. With premium production value top-notch build quality, your copy of SHASN will feel like the best in class for a long time to come. Availablein in Ahmedabad Gujarat india



2 piece game box Reversible Game Board. Side 1 - 3-5 players. Side 2 - 2 players (new additional game mode included). 5 Player Mats 2 Resource Punchouts. (30x4 resources) 1 Rulebook 60 Voter Cards 5 Notes From Cabinet Cards 250 Voter Token Punchouts (50x5) 14 zone requirement cards 11 ziplock bags for tokens India Campaign deck