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Hen BUMP & 'N' GO Toy

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Shop No.28, Akash Tower,

Near Suba Star Hotel,

Judges Bunglow Road, 

Bodakdev, Ahmedabad

Gujarat , India. 380051


Hen Bump 'N' Go is a Colorful, Lovely and Attractive Infant toys. It has magnificent colors and a clear sound which makes it an Eye-Catching Toy. As Visual stimulation is important to your child’s sensory development, this Bump 'N' Go helps them. The child will be mesmerized as they watch the toy. This toy enhances a child's curiosity and brain development. The toy has a lightweight design which is portable and convenient to use. This is a Battery-operated toy which is Easy to pack/unpack and play, it is safe for kids as this is manufactured with BPA free plastic with no sharp edges. It has flashlights and moves on battery power. Kids will get engrossed playing with it and will have fun play time. This Toy is designed with a safe and healthy for your baby's enjoyment and safety. Your baby can interact and get familiar with this animal and its characteristics through this toy because it sings songs and nice melodies.

Product Highlights

  • Helps in development :Visual stimulation is important to your child’s sensory development as his brain develops, and their eyesight enables them to understand their environment better.
  • Battery-operated:Toy Easy to pack and play, it is safe for your kids.It has flashlights and moves on battery power